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Try a E-Mail Psychic Reading today for accurate in-depth readings at a fraction of the cost of regular readings. You can read your psychic reading by email anytime you wish. Don Aria, 07.

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'E-Mail Psychic Reading' from world class Psychics

Online PsychicE-Mail psychic and tarot card readings are simple and cheap and can actually reveal much more as the psychic & you have time to consider your questions. Request a Psychic or Tarot Reading by email Today for accurate forcasts....

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Psychic Readings by E-mail
Tarot Readings by E-mail

Psychic Readings by e-mail offer in-depth readings at a fraction of the cost. Try a reading from only £12.99



Instructions: Pay by credit or debit card via the PayPal button above. Send an e-mail to the address below with the transaction ID in the subject line with your name, e-mail address & date of birth in the body.


Tarot Readings by e-mail offer in-depth readings at a fraction of the cost. Try a reading from only £5.99


Instructions: Pay by credit or debit card via the PayPal button above. Send an e-mail to the address below with the transaction ID in the subject line with your name, e-mail address & date of birth in the body.

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Psychic Readings by E-mail – Are they worth it?

Psychic readings can be performed by e-mail, phone, webcam and even live in person. Live psychic readings or tarot readings by phone or in person can be a little costly if you are on a tight budget, but an e-mail psychic reading is a good alternative.

Psychics Reading by e-mail allows psychics to take more time to perform a reading and could possibly give chance that the psychics may discover more detail by e-mail. This detail also gets captured in writing and you can keep the reading e-mail for later reference. Of course, some people prefer to speak to a psychic as they feel the reading is more personal but a medium can be just as or more accurate via e-mail as there are less time constraints such as when compared to a psychic reading by phone.

E-mail readings can explore your questions in greater depth and the psychic medium and you can track your progress. Psychic e-mail readings are also cost effective as you can budget how much you have to spend and get a full answer instead of being cut off at the 20 minute limit.

So how do you get the best value out of a ‘email psychic reading’? Well the key is to prepare your questions for the psychic in advance of the e-mail reading. Build a picture in your mind as to what you want to know and think of all the questions that could help you find the answer. Prepare an e-mail with your questions listed and look at them. Do they make sense? Will the psychic understand what you are asking for? For tarot readings, you don’t need to ask any questions rather just send in your name & birth details.

For example, if you want to ask the ‘psychic medium’ about a person you love but not sure if they love you back, ask the question, “does the person I love, love me back”? Or “should I go for that promotion at work”? You can ask the psychic direct questions in your e-mail

Email ‘Psychics reading’ potentially offer a more accurate reading as the psychics can use their clairvoyant ability in ideal conditions without the distraction of computers and phone lines providing the perfect environment for a medium to work in. Readings by e-mail are also convenient as you may not have the time to have a reading by phone or where your phone company or bill player has blocked access to psychic lines. Those of you who try to call a psychic line from work will be familiar with this.

I highly recommend getting a tarot card reading or psychics reading ‘by e-mail’ as It’s very easy to do and can cost less in the long run. The Psychic Reading Hotline provides a great service offering not only free tarot readings online or by SMS to mobile phone and psychics reading by telephone, but also provide a great e-mail reading service at under $20.

Visit the Psychic Reading Hotline for great articles exploring the effectiveness of psychics reading as well as offering one of the worlds premier psychic reading and tarot reading services via the psychic zone network which features some of the most prominent mediums and clairvoyants today. And of course, don’t forget to try an e-mail psychic reading today!

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"I got the best psychic reading I've ever had"!

Lisa, London, August 07

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Additional Resources

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Looking for a email psychic reading? Call today for live accurate 'psychic readings' by world class psychics ready to take your call 24 hours a day.'.


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