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The Value Of A Psychic
By Malina Havard, Fri Dec 9th
I know, the thought of spending money for someone to give youadvice &/or step into your situation to heal it & bring aboutchange and turn things around to your favor or intervene,psychically or Read more...

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outside the sphere of physical science; "psychic phenomena"

Underestimating The Power Of Psychic Readings By Ian

You may have had a at one time in your life and left wondering how they did it. The truth is they possess a skill that is inherent in most of us. The difference is they have developed their skill by continued practice and use. You too can learn how to do readings if you are willing to devote the necessary time it takes to develop skills.

You must first believe in the yourself. You must let your mind seek and understand the energy fields around us. Many people fear this power and ignore it. When you first try psychic reading, try holding an object that belongs to a person close to you. Concentrate on the feel of that object; see if you can feel the energy of the object's owner.

Once you are able to feel this energy, let yourself read this energy field. Tell that person what you see around them. Ask questions so that you can begin to understand what you are seeing. You soon will be able to determine when they are feeling bad or have something weighing heavy on their mind. You know you can do this already, but you have not tapped into this and acknowledged it yet. Once you have reached this level, you can offer advice to help that person overcome their negative energy field. This is essentially a Psychic Reading.

You should know how to do readings before you attempt to help strangers. If you have developed your own ability you should be able to read the energy around that person. Tell them what you feel. If they are worried about something, you should focus on that worried them. Engage them in a conversation about what is worrying them and offer to help them work through it. Facing a problem is the first step to the solution.

You can make your subject feel comfortable by chatting to them about their loved ones or their favourite hobbies. If they have pets you can get them to talk about them. Your power will allow you to read these things without being told. By getting your subject to talk about pleasant things they will feel better about allowing you to discuss more private thoughts.

When you learn how to do you will be able to see into someone's soul. What you see may not always be good. You have to learn how to deal with the dark side of people as well as the light side. You must be careful when discussing about negative energies. It is important that you not cause your subject alarm or fear; instead help them to understand what is happening and how to deal with it in a positive way.

An accomplished will be able to take a negative energy field and turn it into a positive simply by using the power of their mind and suggestion. When performing a Psychic Reading and you see a negative energy field it might be best if you change the course of the field instead of telling your subject about it. If your subject feels fear it may cause more harm than good.

When doing a reading it is important for your subject to understand that you cannot perform miracles. Instead, you can help them get in touch with their inner feelings and choose the right path to deal with those feelings.

Learning how to do readings is an art that you must develop over time, but we all can do it. Practice developing this art everyday. Don't take advantage of people by trying to fool them or letting them fool you. When you open your mind and allow yourself to be led by natural forces, you will be able to see and feel the energy fields around you and perform a Psychic Reading. Understanding comes with embracing these fields.

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Additional Resources
The Value Of A Psychic
By Malina Havard, Fri Dec 9th
I know, the thought of spending money for someone to give youadvice &/or step into your situation to heal it & bring aboutchange and turn things around to your favor or intervene,psychically or Read more...

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