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Psychic With 9 Guides Reads Others, Heals & Teaches
By Malina Havard, Fri Dec 9th
/p>I am an empath, I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, andclairaudient. I see and feel auras, describe people, places andthings from what I pick up from client's voices, as well as theenvironment. Read more...

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capable of extraordinary mental processes, such as extrasensory perception and mental telepathy. A Psychic gets impressions that are not necessarily related to a specific third party entity or deceased person.

Psychic With 9 Guides Reads Others, Heals ,Teaches & Chat
By Malina Havard, Fri Dec 9th

I am an empath, Chat I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I see and feel auras, describe people, places and things from what I pick up from client's voices, as well as the environment. I have studied independently for years. I am a channel and a medium. I live in a very interactive situation with 9 passed relatives. I assure you that when you work with me, it's not just your ordinary reading, you never know who or what will come through.

I have had spirits come and chat to me since I was a kid, but Ireally started paying attention to it when I was 19, but that'sa different story.

September of last year, I had a blonde woman about 30 years old,with long straight hair show up in my bedroom. For lack of abetter name for her, I named her Len, like the name of the alternative rock band. She was visible, but you could kind o fsee through her, she was nice though, I could feel a lightness around her, but without her even ever having to speak, I knew what she was there for. I could feel vibrations from her and sensed what was happening.

She was a temporary guide of mine. Guides can be temporary or permanent, as well 'CHAT' as they can be there to tell you about a pastlife or about something they want you to do career-wise. Sheliterally inhabited my body in order to tell me what she had to say. She was very insistent about what she was telling me andsince I had already been told what she was trying to tell me, Iwas reluctant to listen, because I had heard it when I was 20and thought it was silly, so I blew it off. She stuck around fordays repeating herself and I realized I was hearing her frominside my own head, but it was a different voice, other than myown, and she repeated what she had to say until I acknowledgedwhat she was saying.

A few days of that, I acknowledged it. It was information aboutmy own past life. I was not into past life readings, beforethis, so it was kind of a surprise for me that she wasmentioning the exact same thing I had blown off and completely disregarded when I was in my twenties. I listened and she cleared out, satisfied that I had finally gotten the message to Psychic CHAT

A few days later, she returned... with a new message for me. A single word, "Kundalini, kundalini, kundalini, kundalini,kundalini..." and on and on and on and on. I looked throughevery "psychic chat" single book I had in my possession. A channeling book was the only one that I had, in years of a collection of books andstudying, that even briefly mentioned this kundalini thing. Withreluctance to make her mad and have a need to come back andrepeat it to me even more than she already had, I acknowledgedthat I heard what she was telling me with the intention of looking it up. She was satisfied and went away.

Kundalini is serpent energy that is stored at the base of yourspine. A Kundalini rising is when the energy shoots up yourspine out of your crown chakra. It can be painful with somereally nasty side effects and it can take years to completelyhave your Kundalini rise up if it is not done properly. However,Kundalini rising leads to some very interesting activityand awareness and something called Kundalini fire, which is afactor to healing. I learned to do those kundalini awakenings,to heal, either through distant, remote or hands-on method andto teach others to heal or teach. chat Only someone that has hadtheir Kundalini rising and received the attunements can passthis on to others. With it, you can heal injuries and you canheal situations, provided that there are not blockages fromunknown issues or problems that aren't being dealt with, at thetime. You can even heal those situations that stem fromsomething in the past with Kundalini Reiki. chat

Tachyon Reiki is my favorite, though. Tachyon is zero-pointenergy or the equivalent to holy spirit, that when applied toany chaotic or disharmonized situation, zooms into and targetsthat disharmony and restores balance and harmony to it. It canbe used for any situation under the sun. It is completely safeto our bodies. You can tachyonize water and drink it for betterhealth. I have had remarkable results in peoples' situationswith Tachyon. Even one from a criminal case where I was trying to chat work in the background.

In this case, literally everything that could go wrong, did. It was unbelievable how chatridiculously this case had been handled. Itwas stressing me and draining me because local authorities werejust not hearing what I was telling them about it. I couldn'tget to the client to lay hands on them or directly apply thetachyon healing method to them, so I wrote this client lettersand tachyonized the letters. I can literally go beyond prisonbars and other things, if I need to, to assist someone, withTachyon. With months of Tachyon applied to the situation, thecase is about to go back to court for an appeal.

This case was one of the most challenging things I have everdealt with in my life and my career. It's going well, now,because I chat learned what Len was telling me. Now, I can also helpabused women and kids, having been through that myself.

About the author:Malina Havard is the owner of A Mystical Creation,, a site that offers &magical intervention, protection, as well as readingsand other things at affordable rates. She is a Reiki Master andhas studied independently for many years. Malina knows that itis in her nature to help people, to heal and to teach. She isnow offering people the chance to become psychic, through herguidance. Psychic Chat


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